About Wild Outriders

Let's face it, finding people to ride, hike, camp and explore the outdoors with is hard! So our team at the Wyoming Mustang Association created Wild Outriders to fill that gap.

The Wild Outriders focuses on hosting carefully planned events incorporating trail riding, BurroCross, pack trips and adventures into the outdoors. A variety of events will be available throughout the year to fit many skill levels so, whether you're just getting started on the trail or are a veteran, there will be an event for you.

If you're just looking to expand your network of fellow riders and hikers, feel free to use our Facebook group to connect with people in your area!

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Trail Rides

If you love exploring the outdoors and new places on your horse, these events are for you my friend. Join us on official Wild Outrider rides or use the Facebook group to find riding buddies of your own!


Women's Trips

Sorry guys, sometimes women just need to be around other women! It's good for our souls (especially when you add horses and burros to it)! Wild Outriders will host several women specific trips throughout the year. We invite you to join us and see just how fun the outdoors can be with a group of likeminded, capable horsewomen.



We know Pack Burro Racing is a thing and we're in awe of those who do it, but for those of us who prefer a slower pace, there's BurroCross! This fantastic new sport pairs hiking, packing and yes, you got it, your favorite burro! So, if you've got a cute long ear at home who's looking for a job or a more experienced one looking to hone their skills, we invite you to join us on our BurroCross adventures.


All rides and hikes will be categorized by a Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 or Unknown included in the event description. It should be said that despite the level, going as a group is meant to be fun and inclusive. We've all encountered a water crossing that a horse or burro struggles at, a spooky rock, or a horse eating branch. Perfection is not a prerequisite but safety and self-awareness are, so please be realistic about your abilities!


Relatively flat, few obstacles, good for beginners, kiddos, and those looking for an easy day on the trail.


Mild to moderate incline and elevation gain, obstacles including things like water crossings, bridge crossings and rocks, good for intermediate and advanced riders, fit hikers (or those looking to get fit) and those looking to challenge themselves a bit.


Put on your big girl (or boy) pants! Moderate to steep incline and hefty elevation gain, typical trail obstacles including water crossings, bridges and rocks, good for intermediate and advanced riders, fit hikers and those who enjoy solid Type 2 Fun.


This tag will be added to any trail the organizer has not been on before or is unable to confirm information about, etc. When an event has an "Unknown" paired with the level, there is a degree of uncertainty about the trail status or route.