Who We Are

Founded in 2018, the Wyoming Mustang Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that hosts events, clinics, shows and volunteer opportunities throughout the year to promote the wild horses and burros we all love. These special horses are capable of so much and the Wyoming Mustang Association exists to give owners, riders and trainers a platform to grow their bond and develop a true community.

We work closely with the Bureau of Land Management and the Mustang Heritage Foundation for several annual events including Wyoming Mustang Days and the Wyoming TIP Challenge.

Whether you have a wild horse or burro you're proud to call your own or you're just an admirer, we'd be happy to have you as part of our community! The WMA hosts a variety of events throughout the year so if the show ring isn't your bag, we've got you covered with organized trail rides, BurroCross hikes and skill building clinics - all of which work toward year end awards!

Meet Our Board



The typical horse-loving girl all her life, Kirren started lessons at 6, which included western, Dressage, and jumping. After receiving her first horse on her 14th birthday (a BLM mustang mare from Jackson Mountains HMA), she gradually increased her awareness and involvement in the mustang world by showing, training, and earning degrees in agricultural/equine marketing and range management. With her “keeper herd” of mustangs and burros, she participates in parades, meet-and-greets, competes in medieval mounted games and jousting, and checked off some bucket list trail rides (including Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone).

Kirren uses her background to lead the group as president, part-time secretary, and part-time whatever-needs-done. You might often see her scribing for a judge, running to bring competitors in for a class, or filling in wherever needed.



At 16, Amanda found herself working for a dude outfit in the Colorado mountains leading rides on a small, but sturdy, bay mare with plenty of go. She soon learned what the brand on her neck meant and that she was the first person to get along with the mare since the outfit had purchased her. Well, that summer solidified Amanda's love of wild horses and that sturdy mare came home with her. Since then, Amanda has welcomed 3 more wild horses into her home and 1 burro.

As a Marketing Director in real life, Amanda puts her knowledge to use for the WMA as webmaster, social media guru and office wench at our events. You may also see her son, our Junior VP, helping out and modeling swag.



Peter was raised with three brothers by hard working parents, including a mother who is an avid animal lover. After high school, he served five years in the Marine Corps before going to college, getting a job with HP, Inc., and eventually marrying his college sweetheart (Kirren). Since meeting his wife, he has been immersed in the mustang world, like it or not! Peter is an inventor and innovator, both at his “day job” and in his private time. As a game developer under Yub Nub Games, LLC, he created the Top Tale card game and hopes to continue to expand the company's offerings soon.

Peter uses his skill for numbers to perform treasurer duties. He provides a valuable outsider’s view for events, and often brings the rest of the committee back to reality when ideas grow too big for the budget.

Dani Bio


A lifelong horsewoman, Dani adopted her first mustang at age 22 and has been hooked on these amazing creatures ever since. Since then, she has put her training skills to use as a TIP Trainer with the Mustang Heritage Foundation helping many wild horses find their perfect homes. Most recently, Dani entered school to study farrier sciences and equine management. She and her family have a keeper herd of four mustangs, one domestic and one burro.

Dani uses her 17 years of training experience, paired with her education and personal knowledge of the Trainer Incentive Program to head up the Wyoming TIP Challenge.

Committee Members


Megan Jones


Victoria Hall