2022 WMD Entry Form

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Preregistration prior to August 16th results in discounted fees of $6/class for non-members, $5/class for members. Registration after August 16th will result in class fees of $7/members and $8/non-members. If you would like to become a member of the Wyoming Mustang Association, please complete the online application. In Adult, Junior Youth, Senior Youth, Novice and Green Horse Divisions, the Showmanship, Hunter Under Saddle, Barrels, Western Pleasure and Trail classes will count toward division high point. These classes are marked with an asterisk in each division. In the event of a tie in these divisions, the barrel time will be used as a tie-breaker. All classes in the In-Hand, Leadline and Burro Divisions will count toward the respective division high point. ALL CLASSES ENTERED WILL COUNT TOWARD OVERALL WYOMING MUSTANG DAYS HIGH POINT SADDLE, with the exception of In-Hand and Burro Division classes. In the event of a WMD Overall High Point tie, the reining score will be used as the tie-breaker. Please note that riders in the leadline division cannot enter riding classes, horses entered in the Green Horse division cannot cross enter other divisions, In-Hand & Burro division points will only count toward that division's high point prize (not the overall high point saddle), and a rider who has previously won the Novice division cannot enter the Novice division again. The Burro Division participants can show proof of up to 3 previous activities to have points count toward burro high point awards (Class 58). Complete your entry form, sign up for at least 8 classes and prepay via PayPal by August 16th and you will receive a FREE RTIC TUMBLER (while supplies last) & WMA keychain at check in! If you pre-register with 7 or fewer classes, you will receive a FREE WMA keychain! *You will forfiet your tumbler if you are unable to make the show or your classes are refunded via scratching, etc.*
Junior Youth Division
Junior Youth Division is open to riders 9 years of age and under. Equitation is shown in English tack and attire.
Senior Youth Division
Senior Youth Division is open to riders from 10-17 years of age. Equitation is shown in English tack and attire.
Adult Division
Adult Division is open to riders 18 years of age and older. Equitation is shown in English tack and attire.
Novice Division
Novice Division is open to riders of all ages that do not accept payment for equine related services and have not won the Novice division at Wyoming Mustang Days in the past. Equitation is shown in English tack and attire.
Green Horse Division
Green Horse Division is walk/trot only. This division is open to any horse or rider not comfortable competing at a lope. Horses entered in the Green Horse Division cannot cross enter other divisions. Equitation is shown in English tack and attire.
Burro Division
Open to BLM branded burros.
In-Hand Division
Open to horses who are not being shown under saddle. Horses in the In-Hand Division may not cross-enter in other divisions. Handler may only choose to enter ONE showmanship class in the division that best describes their abilities.
Leadline Division
The Leadline Division is open to riders 5 and under. Leadline Division riders may not enter riding classes.
The Freestyle class is a winner-take-all and has it's own award. Freestyle routines are done to music and riders must provide their music choice to the office at check in.


Upon submission of this entry form, you will receive an email invoice from Wyoming Mustang Association via PayPal. This invoice must be paid in full by August 16, 2022 in order to receive your pre-registration gift at check-in.
I understand that WMA does not handle stalling at the Wyoming State Fairgrounds. In order to receive a stall for my horse during the show, I must register and provide necessary paperwork to the Wyoming State Fair staff. It is your responsibility to ensure I have the correct paperwork at check in. I understand that I will be asked to show proof of stall payment before being allowed to occupy stall(s).